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The Steelhead 2.0™ Brewing Pump

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Northern Brewer

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Steelhead 2.0™ offers more power despite its compact size. With its powerful recirculation for all-grain brewing and easy transfer, Steelhead 2.0™ is more than a match for larger pumps and works great with counter-flow plate chillers. It's also built to last.


Make your brewing experience even more rewarding with the Transfer Quick Pump Connector Kit.


A whole new breed of pump, Steelhead 2.0™ has been completely redesigned. With a maintenance-free brushless motor, Steelhead 2.0™ runs on 24V DC to eliminate the risk of AC current near your brew. Not only does Steelhead 2.0™ offer a safer pump, it's also virtually silent. Lightweight and compact, Steelhead 2.0™ can be disconnected from the mains at any time. The 100% stainless steel pump features standard 1/2" NPT ports and its magnetic pump lets you use a flow-control valve.


Steelhead 2.0™ is not a self-priming pump. For best results, set up your Steelhead 2.0™ below the level of your kettles and let the pump fill with liquid before activating it.


Add a 1/2" ball-valve to your pump's outlet lets you control the flow of liquid between containers or through a plate chiller. You can even stop the flow without turning off the pump and having to re-prime the pumps.


A set of quick-fit connectors on your hoses makes the brewing experience even easier. Steelhead 2.0™ is the solution you need at the price you want! Say goodbye to shifting full tanks of boiling wort when Steelhead 2.0™ does the heavy lifting for you!




Stainless steel pump

Maintenance Free Brushless Motor

24V DC power supply (NOT Included)

Near-silent Operation

Resistant to liquids up to 120°C

27 litres/min with a 5m maximum head

Weighs less than 900g

1/2” NPT Inlet and Outlet

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