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Brewpot - Stainless Steel

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Available now at Amihopfen:

Brewpots in three different types

and available upto 200 L!

1.) The "Amihopfen" Series. Our best selling pot series. These pots are made from magnetic stainless steel 1.4016, have a sandwich bottom and work with both gas and induction heating. Includes top and stable grips. A good series of pots for hobbybrewers.

2.) The "Professional" Series. More stury than the "Amihopfen" series, with more robust and thicker walls that are easier to weld.  Stainless steel 1.4301, durable and easy to clean. Perfect for use in a small brewery or for the serious hobbybrewer.

3.) The "Pullmann" Series. Even sturdier by 5 to 10% then the "Professional" series because of more material. Our best quality pot series for use with heavy duty parts like Tri Clamps. Available also in 155 Liter and 200 Liter. This pot series is for the ultimate brewer who spares no quality and wants the best.


Amihopfen Pullmann
 Pot Series "Amihopfen"  Pot Series "Professional" Pot Series "Pullmann"
Attention: Transport of all models loaded with weight should be avoided.