Pot Series "Pullmann"

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With the pot series "Pullmann" remains nothing to be desired, pure luxury! This series is even more sturdier than the "Professional"pot series and also available in sizes 155 Liter and 200 Liter. Naturally they have a high quality sandwich bottom and work with both induction and gas heating systems.

The "Pullmann" series is perfect for the use of high quality parts like Tri Clamps, weldless parts though also work.

Made of Stainless steel 1.4301, easy to weld, robust and durable.

Also here pot and top must be purchased separately. One pot with many tops or no top - your choice!

As a wish, we can make a hole of various sizes in this pot. Please add one week to the delivery time should you order a pot with a hole. A tap set is also available as a separate purchase.